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Latest News:

Congratulations to Mr. Debashis Ghosh. Paper Accepted in Ejoc.

Mr. Gaurav joins as CSIR-JRF in our Research Group.

Naveen Gupta paper got accepted in RSC Advances. Congrats Naveen

Prasanta Bera Paper got accepted in RSC. Advances. Congrats Prasanta

(DOI: 10.1039/C4RA09237F)


Manish paper got accepted in Org. Lett. Congrats Manish 

Ajay Jakhar paper got accepted in ChemCatChem. Congrats Ajay

Anjan Das paper got accepted in Dalton Trans. Congrats Anjan

Anjan Das, Manish Kumar, Nabin Maity and Tamal Roy successfully completed their Ph. D. defense. Congrats to all.. And best wishes for your future endeavors...

Nabin Maity paper got accepted in ChemPlusChem. Congrats Nabin

Rajkumar, Amamudin, Subba Rao, Tushar have joined in our research group. Welcome all...

Arpan paper got accepted in Applied Catalysis A. Congrats Arpan