Chiral Group 

Asymmetric Catalysis
Pharmaceutical Intermediates 


Research interests 

Organometallic chemistry, asymmetric catalysissynthesis of bio-active compounds. 

Current investigations is on

Novel homogeneous and heterogeneous catalytic systems

Synthesis of chiral metal complexes

Synthesis of chiral organocatalysts

Application of the catalytic systems to asymmetric C-C, C-N bond formation reactions

            Cyanation reactions

            Nitroaldol reactions

            Manich reactions

            Michael addition reactions

            Friedel Crafts reaction

            Allylation reactions

            Epoxidation reactions

            Ring opening reactions

            Hydroformylation reactions

  • Synthesis of chiral (symmetric / dissymmetric) monomeric, dimeric and polymeric transition metal complexes as active catalysts for above said asymmetric organic transformations.